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Women and digital marketing tools (Donne imprenditrici. Il valore dei talenti: esperienze e buone pratiche sul campo) Meeting-workshop, 12 July 2022, Oderzo (Treviso)

Monday, 18 July 2022 0:00

The meeting represents the "multiplier event" of the European project entitled "DIGI WOMEN - digital entrepreneurship tools and support for women entrepreneurs".

The very challenging objective of the project was to develop a training material - innovative in content and approaches - able to help in particular women who manage small businesses and who, due to Covid19 and crisis, can be found in difficulties, both on a personal / family and work level.

After a qualitative and quantitative analysis, in order to understand the situation of women entrepreneurs in the seven countries involved, an attempt was also made to investigate the positive link between corporate competitiveness and digitization processes. In fact, as the title of the project suggests, digitization processes should help women in particular who often find themselves managing not only a small business activity, but also family and personal tasks.

The meeting is part of another final event, relating to a regional project co-financed by the ESF - European Social Fund with the "Veneto delle Donne" call. Also in this case, it was a regional initiative to support women entrepreneurs and workers, with particular attention to innovation processes.

During the event several experts spoke (Paolo Zaramella, Mirco Casteller, Manuela Tonon, etc.) but also female entrepreneurs, managers and workers.

The meeting generated a lot of interest, as evidenced by the lively discussions about the local situation, labour market and above all how technologies (and digital skills / tools) are supporting women at local level.

In general, participants appreciated DIGI Women project, in term of tools and methodologies. Several participants asked if, in the next future, also a piloting phase is planned.

During the meeting, guests were pleasantly detained by the Musical Quartet:

  • Rossella Biagioni - Flute
  • Giulia Carniel - Violin
  • Marcella Campagnaro - Viola
  • Anna Campagnaro - Cello

Music by Mozart, Cimarosa, Mascagni, Rossini was played.

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